Journal Entry Three:

Journal Entry Three:

The only good thing about winter on the island, is no tourists. They won’t be back until the sun and warm weather can join them. Like herded sheep they flock, year after year…searching for their salvation in some island-made magic potion, pill, or concoction. They’ll never understand how lucky they are to be here. They take it for granted, along with everything else. They are rich, spoiled, and ungrateful.

I'm so happy I don’t have to deal with them until next Season. But it'll be here before I know it, and then it’ll be back to serving them, and their every need. Your wish is my command. At least we get a reprieve from that while the island is cold and stormy. But it doesn’t give us a rest from our other duty—a duty I can’t breathe a word of. If we don’t give our keepers what they want, we are in direct breach of a legal “co-operative.” It’s a joke. Here it is in a nutshell:

Do as we say, or die.
One day, they’ll pay for what they’ve done to us. 


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